Only a little larger than a silver dollar, this pure gold-on-copper dual-spin coil antenna is the luckiest coin you will ever carry!

Composed of not one spiral but two, the BETAR Coil is a passive energy lens that adds natural resonance wherever it is placed, spontaneously creating a double helix of clockwise and counterclockwise energy.   Based on Nikola Tesla's 1894 bifilar coil patent, these coils are ideal for use as:

  • Energy Activators: Increase the flow of natural healing energy to any ache or pain by holding the BETAR Coil close to the affected area of any organism.
  • Energy Resonators: Increase the energetic resonance of drinking water, crystals, affirmation, sacred objects, and other patterns of information.
  • Pocket Dowsers:  Rub a fingertip across the smooth rear surface of the coil while focusing on the question at hand.

Each coil is 2.25" (57mm) in diameter x 1/16" (1.5mm) thick and comes packed in a crystal-clear case.

  • Item #: BC-001
  • Manufacturer: BETAR USA
  • Condition: New

BETAR Coil - Single

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