BETAR Lamp w/ 15' (4.5m) Data Cable
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The BETAR Lamps bring the seven colors of the rainbow to any BETAR sound therapy system equipped with a Pro 700 amplifier!   Use the COLORS menu on the touchscreen tablet to deliver:

  • Steady Mode:  Light in seven colors at your choice of brightness/intensity.
  • Pulse Entrainment Mode: Lamps flash on and off in perfect synchronicity with the selected BETAR Tone.
  • Music Pulse Mode: Lamps respond dynamically to the music and soundscapes playing at that time. 
  • Cycle Mode: Lamps move automatically through the seven colors for full-spectrum balance.

As many as 99 BETAR Lamps may be daisy-chained together and driven by the same Pro 700 amplifier using the included 15' (4.5m) data cable, though an individual power source is required for each lamp.

Included brackets allow BETAR Lamps to be positioned on a tabletop or mounted directly to a wall, ceiling, or the dome framework of a Pro or Master Edition system.  Or  select the accessory Lamp Stand to position a BETAR Lamp anywhere in the room at a height of 34" to 60" (86-152cm)

  • Item #: BL-001
  • Manufacturer: BETAR USA
  • Condition: New

BETAR Lamp w/ 15' (4.5m) Data Cable

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