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Mini Mood-O-Matic: SLEEP Mood Tone Generators produce a low frequency waveform associated with the delta range of human brainwave activity – deep, restful sleep. The BETAR Sleep Tone – 4.0 cycles per second – is below the range of normal human hearing, a sleepy hum that can help the brain tune out distracting background interference, as well as high energy electrical and telecommunication signals.

Mood-O-Matic: SLEEP Mood Tone Generators provide peaceful, low-intensity stimulation that can allow the user to enter and remain in a deep sleep throughout the night. The effect is similar to playing soothing music in your home to drown out the noise coming from the busy street outside. The noise outside is still present, but your focus is drawn to the calming music. Because the SLEEP Tone is well below the range of normal human hearing, it is generated using the exclusive BETAR dual-spin coil antenna rather than an audio speaker. The result is a waveform that may be perceived as a low hum or not at all. Many users say a “wave of calm settles in the room” when their Mood Tone Generator is activated.

The Mini Mood-o-Matic:SLEEP features a BETAR dual-spin coil antenna and comes equipped with a 110 volt/60 Hz power supply.   These units have an effective impact zone of approximately 10 feet (3m) in any direction, with greatest effect nearest the unit.  (Results may vary depending on the sensitivity of the user. )   Users who need to jump-start the entrainment process may gaze directly into the visual entrainment LED, which flashes in perfect synchronicity with the SLEEP Tone.

Switch off restless nights with Mood-O-Matic: SLEEP!

Size: 5.0" x 5.5" x 1.8" (127mm x 140mm x 46mm).

  • Item #: BM-003
  • Manufacturer: BETAR USA
  • Condition: New

Mini Mood-o-Matic: SLEEP

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