Portable Edition Table w/ Light Speaker Array
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For the first time ever, a completely portable BETAR Focused Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy system! The Portable Edition is perfect for the music therapist, body worker or healer on the go, as well as the homeowner who wants the freedom to store their BETAR system compactly and conveniently when not in use.

We retrofit a top-quality Nova™ portable massage table by Oakworks® with an eight-speaker light array and the BETAR Deluxe 100 Amplifier. The Mood Tones generated by the amplifier melt away cares and concerns as riders are immersed in a personal sanctuary of healing by the premium Bose® headphones and four inches of Oakworks Aero-Cel™ foam padding.

Table is 31" wide and comes equipped with a 10' (3m) harness for connection to a Deluxe 100 amplifier.

Click here for swatches for all 21 Earth-friendly TerraTouch™ upholstery color options. Optional equipment from Oakworks includes a Professional Massage Table Carrying Case, a Quick-Lock Face Rest, a 8" (20cm) Fluffy Knee Bolster, and a Table Cart for easy transport.

Click here for a tour of the very first Portable Edition system, owned by Shannon Sausser, a Board Certified Music Therapist (shown here equipped with the older Deluxe 10 amplifier).

  • Item #: BV-001
  • Manufacturer: BETAR USA
  • Condition: New

Portable Edition System

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