Pro 700 Amplifier Package
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The BETAR Pro 700 amplifier comes standard wiith all Pro and Master Edition BETAR Focused Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Systems, or upgrade your Portable, Spa, or Standard Edition system with amazing amplifier. This fully integrated component replaces all mixer boards, secondary amplifiers, computers, and even the need for an external CD player. The Pro 700 also delivers an unprecedented level of control through an all-new 7” touchscreen tablet that puts every feature at the fingertips of the BETAR rider.

Core functions antd modalities include:

  • 7 Input/Output Channels: Use the arrows to find the perfect mix of volumes or press a tab to toggle on/off to last setting.
  • 7 Soothing Soundscapes: Digitized soundscapes that ease the ears and sooth the mind with the sounds of comfort.
  • 7 Rainbow Colors: Illuminate yourself with any of the 7 Rainbow Colors or cycle through all of them with optional stage-quality lamps that can be set to 7 levels of brightness. Intensify the experience in Music Pulse or Tone Pulse modes.
  • 7 BETAR Mood-O-Matic Tones: The BETAR Mood Tones are at the heart of every BETAR experience. These seven low frequency waveforms directly pulse the body and its natural electrical/energetic field, inducing simultaneous brainwave stimulation and subtle energy activation through resonance.

The BETAR Pro 700 amplifier is also a fully-functional Windows 8 computer and comes equipped with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It is ready to store, organize, and serve your digital media to your BETAR system via your favorite software or apps, or stream your content through onboard wireless and Ethernet connections.

For more information about the all-new BETAR Pro 700 Amplifier, please click here. (PDF)

To download the BETAR Pro 700 Amplifier Owners Manual, please click here. (PDF)

  • Item #: BA-P700
  • Manufacturer: BETAR USA
  • Condition: New

Pro 700 Amplifier Package

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